How to Submit

How to Submit or Pitch to Us

We’re looking for critical pieces and short essays on literature, film, and art in general, with a special focus on—but not limited to—Mediterranean and European literatures and cultures. 

We’re especially interested in comparative approaches to the ways books and films, and their authors and directors, communicate with each other and address different aspects of culture at large.  

We’re also looking for critical reviews focusing on published or upcoming works within the field of comparative literature and film studies.

Send us a brief (1 paragraph) description, or, alternatively, full, finished essays in English, with a brief description of the piece in an email.

Full essays should not exceed 1,500 words in length. If you speak other languages ​​we kindly ask you to write a short abstract (max. 500 words) in your native language, or in the language of your choice, to promote multilingualism, which is one of the key objectives of Compass.

Read some of our previous pieces here for inspiration and guidance.

Send your ideas or texts to

Each proposal will be carefully read and considered by our editorial board.


Sara De Simone
Amândio Reis
Jill Wharton 


Maria DiBattista
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Simona Micali